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Our Hiring Process

MCPS employees can grow professionally or meet personal needs by transferring between and among worksites in the same position or another position for which they are qualified.

In order for MCPS to stay vital and allow for continuous professional growth for all employees, employees should have opportunities to have different work experiences.

One way to accomplish that goal is to provide clearly defined and transparent placement and transfer processes for all employees.MCPS Careers helps employees through the placement process when returning from leave or transferring from one location to another, either voluntarily or due to cuts in staffing at the current location.

The processes and rules for placement and transfers are contained in the negotiated agreements, which are listed below.


Negotiated agreement
(360K PDF) Transfers in Articles 25 and 26; Leaves in Article 31

Supporting Services

Negotiated agreement
(237K PDF) Filling of Vacancies in Article 19; Leaves in Article 12

Administrative and Supervisory

Negotiated agreement
(132K PDF) Vacancies and Transfers in Article 19; Leaves in Article 20

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